Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My Letter To The GCSAA

To The Board Of Governors,

For the past 15 years as either an assistant or head superintendent, I have been fortunate enough to work with Latinos.  Whether they were from Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, or any other region of Central America, it is my firm belief these fine men and women caring for our courses are the reason our industry has flourished.

Without their sacrifice our already depleted labor pool would be in shambles, and what is happening on the border is beyond tragic.  Not only is the current administration hamstringing our industry of needed labor, but even worse, President Trump is creating a culture of hate by separating children from their families and labeling basically any Latino seeking asylum in our country as, "bad".

As someone who has dug ditches, laid sod, repaired irrigation leaks, troubleshoot turf problems, and most importantly, built long lasting relationships within the Latin community because I am in this turfgrass industry, I cannot accept the immigration policies, President Trump is enacting.  I believe it is cruel, bigoted, and extremely short sighted bordering on the worst hardships minorities have faced in our history.  I loathe to say it, but I am currently very embarrassed to call myself an American right now.

With our current struggles to attract labor, I feel our voice as an association needs to be heard.  But more importantly;y, we should be standing up against this administration and its immigration policies as a show of support to our Latino brothers and sisters.  I am sure each and every greenkeeper that is part of this association has been helped by our friends to the south.  It is time we come together and let them know they are appreciated.

I am asking that the GCSAA issue a statement against the immigration policies of the Trump administration.  I am also asking our association to openly lobby against this terrible immigration policy.


Joseph N. Gulotti, GCS Newark Country Club